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Bike #6192 details

Owner: David : Macusr191 (at) gmail.com
Date stolen 03-25-2019
City/State/Zip Royal AR, 71913
Bike specs
Year: 1994
Brand: Honda
Model: Shadow "Spirit" vt1100c
Color: Teal
Size: 1,100cc
Serial # XXXXXXXXXXXX01795
This serial number has been partially omitted for security reasons. If you want to run full serial numbers, please register here.
Engine Serial #
This engine serial number has been partially omitted for security reasons. If you want to run full serial numbers, please register here.
Proof of ownership? Yes, I have documented proof of my ownership of this stolen bike.
Reward 500
Description I HAVE SEVERAL PICTURES, BUT THIS ANTIQUATD WEBSITE CAN'T SEEM TO UNDERSTAND THAT A .JPG FILE IS A FKN JPG IMAGE!! Email me for pix please since I can't link any here. Teal in color. Missing rear left turn signal (completely broken off). Front left turn signal stalk wrapped in reddish colored novelty tape to conceal some cracking in the rubber. There is a dent on the front left side of the tank where the taped-up turn signal got crammed into it years ago. Fork seals leak a little. The exhaust pipes, heat shielding and mufflers are all brand new. Both tires worn a bit, especially the rear one.. Tire wear and fork leaks are from the ride up here (from Houston to Hot Springs). Plate number, if if the plate is still there, is *Texas 313P3V* with registration sticker expired 9/2018. No sissy bar. Missing both the chrome battery cover on the left, and the chrome tool cover on the right (both stolen off the bike on the ride up to Arkansas from Texas). Odometer is right at 31,000 miles at the time of theft. The bike was stolen from behind a locked gate at a house off Treasure Isle Rd, 163 Treasure Isle Rd, out towards Royal, just outside Hot Springs (Arkansas).. in the space of 4hrs while I went for help. Gentleman whose house I broke down in front of on Monday night 3/25/2019 suggested we park it inside his property behind his locked gate while I went for help. The bike was locked up with my own thick chain and padlock, another separate "hub lock" was locked into my front wheel to prevent roll-away, and the handlebar lock built in the frame was locked in place (three separate forms of security, not to mention the locking gate!). Someone went to a lot of trouble to steal the bike as none of the locks were ever found, and no wheel tracks were left on the soft ground, suggesting it was picked up and carried away by at very least 3 people. This is a 850lb bike; all evidence suggested the owner of the house who helped me out had something to do with this, as I physically watched him lock his gate before I walked away, and his locks were 100% intact after theft occurred. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED! The machine is quite sentimental to me and my family. I have it's title with me. $500 reward if recovery is made.

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