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Bike #1572 details

Owner: : RAdams864 (at) gmail.com
Date stolen 09-17-2009
City/State/Zip Easley SC, 29640
Bike specs
Year: 2006
Brand: Suzuki
Model: GSXR
Color: Black/Smoked See through fairings
Size: 600
Serial # XXXXXXXXXXXX17013
This serial number has been partially omitted for security reasons. If you want to run full serial numbers, please register here.
Engine Serial # XXXXXX28302
This engine serial number has been partially omitted for security reasons. If you want to run full serial numbers, please register here.
Proof of ownership? No, I do not have documented proof of my ownership of this bike
Description CALL FOR LATEST PICTURE!!!!REWARD* REWARD* REWARD* My 2006 SUZUKI GSXR 600 was stolen off of my porch in Easley in the middle of the night, September 17, in between 2 am and 7 am. The VIN number is JS1GN7DA762117013. It is mostly black with SMOKED SEE THROUGH FAIRINGS FROM Hotbodies racing. There are Hotbodies stickers ON the bike as well. There is NO fairing on the right side as I cracked it yesterday a few hours before it was stolen. Also this bike has been laid down before on the right side, so there are QUITE a few marks on the frame of the bike and on the clutch lever. There are 1,538 miles on the bike. The swingarm is scratched on the right side. The headlight is scratched all the way across. There are no turn signals on the bike. The engine number is N732-128302. There is also a Leo Vince shorty carbon fiber pipe. The windshield is a Hotbodies double bubble. There IS a WHITE tank plastic that says CORONA, which doesn't match the rest of the bike. As well as the rear seat cover, it doesn't match either, it is a BURNT ORANGE color. I have CHROME GSXR heat sheilds on the bike as well. Also the front tire is a Bridgestone and the back tire is a Michelin Pilot 190 17-25 series. If you or anyone you know has information to the where abouts of the motorcycle, a REWARD is being offered. I have had this bike from day one and I WOULDN'T MIND HELPING OUT SOMEONE WHO HELPS ME. There is still a lien on this bike, and it has been reported stolen to the Easley Police Department. This bike is very dear to me, and if you have any information PLEASE CALL 864-561-6168! <<<CALL FOR LATEST PICTURES>>>(The pictures below are not of exactly what the bike looks like, considering it has different fairings now. The white piece on the tank of the bike looks like the Corona fairings in the picture below of my bike. The other two pictures are from when I bought it brand new. You can get an idea of what it looks like.) REMEMBER IT HAS SMOKED SEE THROUGH FAIRINGS, HOTBODIES STICKERS, ORANGE SEAT COVER, AND A WHITE CORONA TANK COVER.)

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