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Theft sucks - No matter who you are, you probably just wanted to own a nice ride. And now someone has stolen it - otherwise you wouldn't be reading this.

It's a deeply personal insult, when someone steals your ride. It's even worse to think that they're probably parting it out, or ditching it once the tank is empty. And worse still to know that the problem is so common that law enforcement often doesn't have the time or resources to deal with locating and returning your motorcycle.

I started this site - and others - as part of an experiment in letting . The idea is to give advanced searching and recovery tools directly to the people that are the most motivated and likely to go looking for stolen bikes - you. The motorcycle theft victims, the honest shops, the enthusiasts - anybody who is against the idea of getting their motorcycle stolen.

The Crux Of The Problem

# 1) There's little incentive to look for or report stolen bikes

Even if a dealer, shop, or potential buyer thinks they're looking at a stolen bike, there's oftem little reason for them to check your bike's serial number. Why? If they do find out your bike is stolen, there's really nothing in it for them - except they're losing the chance to get a cheap bike.

# 2) Current stolen motorcycle registries are lacking

While it's true there are a lot of ad-hoc listings out there for stolen motorcycles, none of them have the kind of technology behind them that my site provides. Who else lets people search via their cellphone? Who else runs something like WatchList?

# 3) There's no easy way for the common person to check a serial number

Unless you're law enforcement, checking out a serial number is a difficult thing to do.

Stolenmotorcycleregistry.com wants to help fix this


  • By providing FREE 5 year web-based registration for your stolen motorcycle.
  • By providing detailed, searchable info - including reward offers, photos of your stolen bike, and more.
  • By providing FREE access to our stolen serial number database.
  • By linking bike locators with bike owners. If someone runs your stolen bike's serial number, you get an email with their contact info. It's that simple.
  • By running WATCHLIST - a free, bi-monthly email newsletter containing stolen motorcycle info broken down by state, city, or zip code. WATCHLIST is printable, and aimed towards people who come into contact with a lot of bikes, people who want a quick reference of all the stolen motorcycles in their area.

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