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03/12/2010 - announcing blog.stolenmotorcycleregistry.com

I'm moving this portion of the site over to blog.stolenmotorcycleregistry.com so I can post faster and easier, and allow things like RSS and comments. Just an FYI.

01.30.2008 - LoJack Reveals 2007 Top Recoveries of Stolen Motorcycles

It's a nice trend LoJack has going, tracing one stolen bike back to a cache of even more bikes. Which is good, since according to their stats the numbers have increased 137 percent since 2000:

LoJack Corporation today unveiled its annual wrap-up of the year's top recoveries for 2007 involving the LoJack For Motorcycles recovery system. These stories underscore that organized crime rings continue to fuel the growing problem of motorcycle theft. The most recent figures from the National Insurance Crime Bureau indicate that motorcycle theft has jumped a full 137 percent since the year 2000. The recovery stories of 2007 also revealed that today's thieves continue to leverage newer mediums -- such as the Internet -- to sell stolen parts and make a profit from this lucrative crime.
Here's the full release

10.10.2007 - GPS is making some great progress in the bike theft arena

GPS-based motorcycle tracking systems are making some great catches lately. The tracking technology has finally matured to the point where it's small enough to hide on a 'bait bike' and follow thieves back to their chop shops. Check it out:

  • Tracking device leads investigators to Beach chop shop
  • 'Undetectable' Satellite Tracking Devices To Break Up Theft Rings At Bike Event
  • 02.11.2007 - Police Bust Motorcycle Chop Shop

    From the Southside to the Peninsula, motorcycles have been disappearing for months. Then on Wednesday, police got a digital page from Lo-Jack tracking device attached to a stolen 2007 Suzuki. Police traced the bike to a storage unit in Larchmont and then to a house near Old Dominion University...

    12.01.2007 - Stolen Bike Parts + EBAY + Determined theft victim == awesome

    A biker helped to jail a major bike thief who sold 100,000 of stolen parts on eBay every month. Dimech operated from Romford selling stolen bike parts through the Internet auction site from high-value machines stolen from the City. When vigilant Tullet's Suzuki was stolen he tracked eBay auctions and found Dimech's profile in which he advertised: "Look at my bits."

    A Judge at Snaresbrook Crown Court sentenced Bradley Dimech, 34, to three-years in jail.

    08.01.2006 - Motorcycle thefts rise in state along with sales

    Unlike automobiles and trucks, few motorcycles are recovered after they're stolen, said Frank Scafidi, spokesman for the Sacramento-based bureau. Most of them are chopped for parts or get mixed and matched into untraceable, "rebuilt" motorcycles, he said.
    01.01.2006 Stolenmotorcycleregistry.com launched with all the motorcycles people were trying to register in my stolen bicycle registry site.

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