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As you may have read, I fund stolenmotorcycleregistry.com out of my pocket. It isn't too expensive in terms of cash - just a monthly hosting fee - but I sink a lot of administrative time into the effort. I could always use some help.

Want to help the cause? Advertise on stolenmotorcycleregistry.com!

It's cheap: If I get $30 a month for an ad, I'm a happy man.

It's standardized: I accept 468x60 banners, like the one you see at the bottom of this page.

It works: Stolenmotorcycleregistry.com gets an average of 124 unique visitors a day, and 2600 unique visits per month. They're all bikers. They've almost all had a bike stolen. They're all net-savvy.

It's fast: I can have your ad up and running within hours of initial contat.

Interested? Just drop me a line!

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